• Galloways are a robust Scottish breed of cattle. On HoffmannsHaff  they live outside all lifelong. The cow gives birth to the calf in the meadow. During the first weeks, the calf is only drinking the milk from the cow and then slowly starts to complement its diet with grass.
  • During exceptional weather conditions, mainly complete snow cover of the grass, the Galloways are fed in the morning and in the evening with hay from the biodiversity meadows.
  • No artificial or chemical fertilizers are used on the meadow since years. The only natural fertilizer is  produced by the Galloways themselves and on some areas, the excrements of the horses are spread.

The 6th son of Cesar – born April 1oth 2010

The 5th son of Cesar – only sons so far – born afternoon of March 2nd 2011

Proud mother.

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